Logistics services

At AGC Newtral we make our client's life easier.

Offering complementary services that extends our capabilities and allows us to provide one of the most complete offers on the market.

Value added services

A plus that we provide in favor of the agility and constant improvement of our services with picking, packing, cross docking, kitting, labeling service, palletizing, repacking, among others.

Empty and filled

An efficient container emptying and filling service for FCL and LCL services, a safe load throughout its transport.


Storage of all types of dry goods in our network of warehouses in Spain, including our own warehouse in Barcelona, which has 8,000 m2 of facilities, 28 hydraulic docks, 12-meter-high storage capacity, fire-fighting safety systems, anti-intrusion and access control, 28 video surveillance cameras and alarms connected to the control center. As well as a security area for dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods management

Management of all types of merchandise with maximum security. Dangerous goods considered those that may pose a risk to nature or human beings. Classified in 9 scales where all types of cargo are contemplated in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreement. AGC Newtral has complete authority for the management and storage of said merchandise with an exclusive 500m2 security area in our warehouse in Barcelona.

Local and national ground transportation

We offer a national land transport service, with a wide range of possibilities and personalized services. We have our own fleet to streamline ground transportation services and all your needs. We also have the ability to transport IMO merchandise.

Merchandise insurance

We manage the insurance of the transported goods with the agility and flexibility of our rates to ensure the best care of your cargo.

Customs advice

Complete customs services for both management and clearance. Our all in one services offer different customs services. Customs advice: We provide logistics coverage to imported goods and value services for the benefits that each one can represent.

Customs clearance

We manage your customs clearance for both import and export, we optimize procedures and provide efficient solutions for each particular case, saving time and money.

Asesoramiento de aduanas: Damos cobertura logística a las mercancías de importación y servicios de valor por las prestaciones que cada una puede representar:

Temporary storage warehouse

Public customs warehouse

Warehouse other than customs

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